Bad Credit Loans for Christmas

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Christmas Loan

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Cancelled Dental Appointment

It has been a terrible week for us. There has been a huge thunderstorm since earlier this week and it immobalized us. We can't go anywhere because the roads are flooded. I actually have an appointment for to go to the dentist munich because of my aching wisdom tooth. Have already made an appointment with a dentist for dental implant and is scheduled for an operation today but because of the weather condition, it was cancelled. This wisdom tooth really is a pain in the butt because for a month an a half now, I've been tortured with sporadic gum and tooth ache. Good thing, my dentist with anesthesia texted me and told me that if I can't go to the clinic on my scheduled time, he could just reschedule my appointment. It's nice to have a classmate/dentist around. Hopefully I could endure this pain till next appointment and I hope this rain would stop real soon.

Photo Effects

I so miss my friend Melai. Since she left for Ireland, I keep on thinking about how much influence she had in my life. She's been a confidant, a secret keeper, a sister to me. Well though I have this selfish side of me that wants her to stay, I know she'll be happier in Ireland with her soon to be husband. I want to give her a simple present just a simple token that would remind her of our friendship and good thing I was able to see a site where I could upload our pics together and use a number of photo effects such as that of photofunia. There are a number of photofunia similar sites but is the best. The photo effects are marvelous and I know Melai would appreciate this simple token. I hope wherever Melai is right now, she is happier.

Funny Pictures

What's in a Name

Last Sunday, I celebrated my birthday with my family at my mom's house. It's really not a big celebration because we just ate out and bond at a nearby mall. We just laughed all day and ate all day to say the least. It's really an enjoyable time especially with mom, who is a natural comedian. There is one instance where while were eating our dessert, he saw a black guy who looks like his favorite actor. She can't recall the actor's name and wants us to help her come up with it. The only thing she remembers is that his first name starts with an A. Nobody among us knows who that actor is, and cant even guess. I find it funny to see her sweating and uncomfortable because she cant recall the actors name. We kept on teasing her that she might've been suffering from Alzheimer's disease because of her old age. To her dismay, she asked me to look on the net and check if I can find a list of names of actors from Hollywood. I hurriedly turned on my laptop and searched the net and see if there is a site that has actors name list and thank God I've found one. It has a list with actors names. Thanks for the site, we were able to locate an actor whose first name starts with an M...Morgan Freeman.

Massage Therapy

Yey! It’s my birthday today! I have so many plans in mind for this day before but I guess I won’t be able to do that this time. Since I got a house that I need to pay for the next fifteen years, I feel as if I need to really save for the future. So I save in every opportunity I get and one of this is my birthday. I plan to spend a thousand or two for my birthday but have realized that I need to just let this day gone by without spending that much. So instead of eating out and party I just searched the net and tried finding an activity that would is really enjoyable but cost less. And I thought about my fried PJ. He is a type of guy who enjoys the good things in life and hates spending too much about it. I called him up and he gave me the best idea for my birthday. I will get a massage!

A massage would definitely make me feel good and it’s cheap! Haven’t had a massage for more than ten minutes in my life! Checked on my options online and have found a facility that offers effective and affordable massage. The massage hamilton provides not only the basic type of massage, they do offer what they call massage therapy. They say it’s one of the best ways to alleviate stress. With fast paced lives and continuous deadlines, I think my tired mind and body needs a stress buster. I’ve been in a lot of stress lately and undergoing massage therapy hamilton would definitely make me relax and stress free. I love the idea of having a massage that is a combination of science and art that provides a relaxing experience. I hope this would be one of the best birthdays I’ll ever had.

SEO Malaysia

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On Slimming and Retiring

I was supposed to go to a job interview today because I would be resigning on my current job this April however, I felt so lazy and just opt to stay at home and watch Bio's Storage Wars and History Channel's Pawn Star instead. I don't know, I just feel like not doing it as of this point. Well maybe this is not yet the time for me to find work elsewhere but I know someday soon, it will happen. I need to get my retirement pay as soon as possible so I can have the second floor of my house fixed. I'm also planning to have a liposuction right after I got my retirement pay but is still having second thoughts about it. I'm planning to just try what my friend did to loose 100 pounds in just one year. He told me that he just followed a very strict diet, exercise a little and tool some Botanical Slimming pills. He assured me that those pills are 100 percent safe as it came from botanical substances. Well, hopefully I do have the same discipline and determination as what my friend has so I can save my money for my liposuction and just use it for my house instead. Wish me luck!

A Gift for Brother

On Saturday, my eldest brother Edwin will be celebrating his 44th birthday! Wow, time flies so fast! I still clearly recall the those times when my brother would carry me around the village. He would get me right after his class and play with me and tour me around the village as if he is so proud that I am his sister. On his 44th birthday, I want to buy something special for him. Something that he needs and I know exactly what it is.

Just when he turned 35, we've noticed that he is losing hair. His forehead becomes wider and he is getting kind'a bald at the top of his head. So I guess the best gift I can give him are hair vitamins. Those vitamins promotes fast hair growth and are specifically formulated to increase hair growth rate at its maximum rate. It would definitely improve not just his appearance but his self esteem as well. He's been suffering from hair loss for quite sometime now and this is the perfect time for him to try out new things and leave the fate of his hair on hair growing solutions like what I'll about to give him. I can't wait to see how he would react to my gift and how he would look with after this treatment.

Best Essay Help for Students

Are you a student that needs to write an essay about religion? Then you've gone to the right place. I know a site that provides free religion essay examples. I know how hard it is to write one. You really need to research for facts which is really time consuming. Furthermore, you need to write the essay correctly, with correct grammar and all that. Good thing, there is a site that provides qualified, professional writing help. If you need originally written religion essays, then is definitely the site for you. They do have professional writers that could provide you with the best essay for typically any type of topic. The site even do provides free papers sample but of course if you want original essays for any topic, you can contact them for further details. No more cramming, no more researching...all you need to do is to go to their site and discuss your essay needs with them and they'll do the rest. Good luck!

A Reunion

Just last month, I have met with my best buddies Ruthie and Malen. It's been almost a year now since we last saw each other. They are my friends way back college. We went to Trinoma and ate at Yakimix. The place is very cozy and is the perfect place for special events such as this one. They do have an "eat all you can" buffet and I got really excited to see the smokeless grill that's infront of us. We reminisce about our old times together way back college and have also discussed our present life.

I've learned that Ruthie is now like the head of their QA team. It's nice to know since she's been with that company for almost ten years now. Malen is now very much into her beading business and is also planning to migrate in Singapore. I also shared with them my plans, like resigning and be a work at home professional while my hubby works overseas as a seaman. It's really nice to talk about your future goals with them as they give me a new insight on how I should live my life. I told them about my house investment and they encourage me to also get a home insurance. I neve knew that my friends are also very serious in their future plans and is now getting ready for it. They told me a site that provides the best insurance quotes there is. Checked on the site and found so many different types of insurances available. From life insurance, business insurance to retirement insurance! I would definitely let my brother check on this site at he is also looking for the best auto insurance quote for his newly purchased car.

Time flies when you're having fun indeed and after five hours of chatting and eating...we already need to part ways as they still have their shift for tomorrow. We planned of meeting again soon for our christmas party.

How to Avoid Having Toenail Fungus

Woke up early today. Checked on my online store and wrote some articles on my blog early in the morning as I and hubby have to go to a salon after that. Had my monthly foot spa treatment and pedicure. Just last month, I had a very serious issues with my toe nails. Had a very painful ingrown. I'm afraid to have it removed by not so good manicurist because it already has a puss in it. I was supposed to have it pricked by a needle but thank God because I asked my nurse friend first about it and she said I should just leave it alone as pricking it would only cause much more serious complications. She advised me to just take an antibiotic and just let it subside. And in just two days, it did! It's nice to have a friend in the medical field.

I told my nurse friend about how her advise worked on me. She gave me some other pointers on how to protect my feet. She told me about Toenail Fungus. She said like me, she is also working out in a gym. She told me that her friend might've gotten it by walking barefoot in a gym shower room. She advised me to make sure I have my flip flops on whenever I go to the shower room to avoid being infected with one. Though there are a number of Toenail fungus treatment's better to be safe than sorry. Treating Toenail fungus is really not complicated but being prepared is easier. Besides making sure that I don't walk barefoot in public places, she also told me to put talcum powder on my feet after bathing to help absorb excess moisture. Also, avoid adding new polish to existing polish but instead make sure that I always remove the old one. I'm really blessed to have friends with different professions and I'm so blessed to have Jaja as my personal nurse friend.

Botanical Slimming

I again wasn't able to go to the gym today because my husband is sick. The plan was to get his class certification at school while I workout. We'll just gonna meet each other at the mall after two hours to have our lunch and to find stuff for my online store. However, things changed when he woke up with aching tummy. We just stayed at home the whole day. My three month gym subscription will end next month and just to be honest with you...I haven't shed a single pound. Maybe because I'm not so vigilant in going to the gym at least thrice a week. I feel as if I again failed. We'll, I think there's still hope. One of my college buddies Ruth told me that she had lost 20 pounds by taking a certain type of Botanical Slimming Pills. She let me see her before and after pictures and I was amazed by the transformation. She said she lost that amount of weight in just two months! I will definitely try this and hopefully my next weight reduction story would be as happy as hers.


Since our cable has been installed, I've been addicted to watching true to life stories at BIO. One of my most watched program is "Intervention". It is a television series wherein people are being profiled according to their dependence on drugs and alcohol or other compulsive behavior that has brought them to a point of personal crisis. Help is provided through what they call sober coach and hopes to finally help them get out of addiction. One of my favorite episodes is about a 20 year old girl who is a heroine addict. She constantly blames her mother for what happened to her life. She felt as if the one thing that triggered her rebellion that led to drug addiction is when her mom divorced her dad. The girl used to be a cheerleader and an A student during her high school year but since the divorce of her parents…she lived a different life. What’s good about this is that she recognize that she is an addict and realizes that she needs to change her way of life to be able to be free from heroine. She is very cooperative with her sober coach and had only one condition, to not let her mom participate in the healing process. She had so much anger and it is one of the reasons why she can’t move forward in her life. She agreed to get into a program that will require her to be under the supervision of a Northern California drug rehab center. After a couple of months, she was free from her addiction and was able to finally forgive her mother. She is now ready to go back to school and continue with her college education. I really get inspired by those individuals who choose to improve their lives and realizes the value of family. I hope to be able to watch more inspiring stories such as this one.

Books for Healthier Mind

Finally, I was able to celebrate my 5th year in the office and I am now eligible for an early retirement pay. Yahoo! I've been blogging about my retirement for quite sometime now and I can't believe that I finally made it. I can now resign anytime, but I plan to do that on April 2012. I still need to save some money to buy my dream house. My hubby is planning to work as a seaman and if that happens, I can't work in a call center anymore since the work schedule is normally at night. Well whatever happens, God's will be done.

Anyways, since it's my restday today...I've decided to clean up my bookshelves and have found a lot, as in a lot of books I've read before and books my sister left to me before she went abroad to work. I have tons of it and some of those books, I don't intend to read at all. Her taste of books are more of novels and mystery books while I want inspirational and true to life stories one. Good thing, I was able to know an online site called It is an online book swap service that has the recipient pay for the postage. It's like sending out a bunch of books for swap without costing me anything. I would definitely like to swap her books with books that I will surely read. Check on the site for more information on how this swapping service works. Enjoy!